Friday, July 2, 2010

Hello... Summertime!

Wow... I can honestly say I have been neglecting my poor little blog. Summer is here and that means tons of birthdays to celebrate, lots of fun in the sun and loads of family vacations for us! I’m having a hard time keeping up with everything but that’s what Summertime is all about right? Well... that’s what the oh so crazy Will Smith says! Hah.... His  Summertimvideo makes me laugh!
So... we’re heading to Wintergreen tomorrow morning to celebrate Independence Day and my little man’s 6th birthday. What could be better than cool crisp mountain air, scenic views for miles and miles, birthday celebrations Toy Story style and fun lovin’ family time? Humm... let me think... not much!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th!


Julie said...

I hope you have a wonderful time!! Ah..summertime...I love it!!

Shawntae @ alittlekingandi said...

just found your blog! I love it!! Hope you had a happy 4th of july!

- Shawntae

Traveling Mama said...

Don't all of us moms know about that summertime business? Hope you guys had a great celebration! Hugs from Denmark!

Tawny said...

I TOTALLY agree! I've been a blog neglector too! For me it should be easier but it's SO not! Looks like you're loving your summertime!


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