Monday, May 24, 2010


We spent this past weekend together...  Together on the open road, together in our camper, together exploring beautiful places and things and together at the park.  A weekend filled with funny stories, sweet little eyes filled with excitement and wonder and loads of lovin smiles.
A weekend I wouldn't trade for the world...
Ella Hope doing a little, well lots of exploring and... relaxing with Hannah in 
Historic Williamsburg, VA.
There's nothing like spending a beautiful relaxing weekend camping with your family.  Well... I guess adding a quick stop at Busch Gardens Williamsburg before heading home is a close runner up.  Busch Gardens may not be very relaxing, but it sure is loads of fun!
Just look at those faces!  
This is "Prince Elmo's Spire", imagine what Hannah and Jax's faces looked like on the Griffon!  
I missed the shot... 


Julie said...

Ah, so fun!! Of course, I know what those road trips are all about!! ha ha

Cassie said...

These are some great shots! I'm glad you had a good time with your family.


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