Monday, February 15, 2010

What's That... Face Wash For My Tween!

Let me start out by saying, high quality face wash for tweens is hard to find! I've been on the hunt for awhile... and I finally found something I really {like}. It's "Sassy" and it's vegan approved! What more could the mom of a tween ask for I say, why a {SUPER} happy tween of course. :)

Thanks to Mary Robbin's, the creator and founder of Beautiful Kids Natural Products, my Hannah Banana has safe {chemical free} beauty products to enjoy. Sassy products include wonderful ingredients like organic honey, plant extracts, and organic olive oil. Using products like Sassy products also helps to reduce the amount of pesticides in our environment. What a great way to provide {safe}, good-for-you skin and hair care products for your children while teaching them to support and give back to their environment!

And.... Sassy products smell {GREAT}!

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