Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekend Fun in Maryland

Well... it's been a week since our {CRAZY} but {FUN} trip to Glenelg Maryland, but it's taken me that long to recover from it, literally! We were so {excited} about this quick weekend trip! What could be more fun than loading up four kiddos, surprising our good friend Joey at his 40th birthday celebration, playing in the snow and hanging out with some awesome friends for the weekend? Perhaps a little less {VOMIT} I say!!! Yuk...
Baby Ella decided to start vomiting back to back about two hours away from home! She managed to ruin her car seat, all the clothes I packed for her and the only two blankets we brought along for the ride. What a total nightmare! Even though we were covered in {VOMIT} from head to toe, we pushed on... Kim ordered us to drive north no matter what! So we did.
Long story short, Ella stopped vomiting after we arrived and all was well for a day or two. Monday came with another wave of {VOMIT}! Uggg.... Ethan first, then Brent, then me. How sad is that. Not to mention a few sickos back in Maryland!
Sadly enough, I was so busy cleaning up our mess when we got there that I left my camera in the car. So... the only pictures I managed to snap last weekend were a few of the White House. The kids wanted to see where the President lives, so we took a little detour through DC on the way home. Ethan thought "Barak-a Obama-mama" as he calls him had a awesome house! Funny the things they say. :)
These aren't the best pictures because we were a couple of blocks away and driving. Ella was asleep and I wasn't about to wake her! Not even for "Barak-a' Obama-mama's" house! Hehe...
Maybe we'll visit DC again in the spring. I'd love to!
What's that white thing I see through the trees Mommy?
Why, it's the White House, Yipee!
Oh WAIT! Who are those men on the roof Mommy?

Ahh... I don't have a good answer for that one...

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