Thursday, January 28, 2010

Look... It's a Birthday RAK!

I was {so}... excited to receive this RAK in my mailbox this week from Melanie of Mission, BC! What a great surprise! I just loving receiving cards, letters and/or simple little notes in the mail. It's one of the best gifts a mailbox delivers!
Birthday Card RAK
Receiving a card like Melanie's brings back fond memories of our old-fashioned tradition of writing letters and licking stamps. While electronic correspondence is fast and sometimes a must, traditional cards and letters are the {BEST}!
Mail 2
Thank you Melanie for making my upcoming birthday a "little" sweeter!

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Joni said...

I love getting letters in the mail. In fact I sometimes secretly wish I had a pen pal. But then again, many people would just say that I simply am looking for another outlet to run my mouth. :) Can't help that I have so much to say all the time! I love the Happy Birthday "HUMAN" thats cute!


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