Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hello... it's been a while!

I've been missing my little blog lately so... I thought I'd stop by and say Hi!  Where have I been you might ask?  Well... like before, I've been busy working, spending time with family and friends, preparing the kiddos for back to school and loving life.

Immediate thoughts, wants and needs...
  • I want, well need to freshen up my blog!  Kinda need a new outfit so to speak.  
  • Need to blog!  I've got lots to journal and share.
  • My Nikon D40 needs to be repaired.  I think?  
  • Our annual Disney trip is booked and the savings plan is in full force!  
  • My first born is almost 13.  Wow... she's a teenager.  *tear* 
  • Hannah + Horseback riding lessons = pure bliss
  • Peek-A-Boo is an official ballerina at age 3!  
  • Basketball here we come...
  • Finish up our back to school shopping...

Speaking of back to shool shopping, I have run across several products that are super neat and helpful.  I bought Hannah a ZIPIT this weekend.  It's a super versatile pouch that can be used for pencils, markers or whatnots!  It's made from a super long zipper which you can us to open your ZIPIT a lot or just a little.  This bag is a hit in our house for sure!  Go check them out.  They've got lots of colors and sizes to choose from.
Thanks to ZIPIT for making our new school year just a little more exciting... 

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