Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 13 Medicine Mess

Well... our medicine cabinet is an actual {cabinet}, a small kitchen cabinet to be exact.  Not because we have a ton of medicine but because we don't have a "real" medicine cabinet mounted to the wall in our bathroom.  

I was excited about Day 13 because I've been wanting to go through our medicines {again} for a long... time.  There's nothing worse than having a sick child, or feeling sick yourself and having to search, search and search through an unorganized, out of date medicine cabinet.  Ughhh...

So... you'd think I threw out lots of medicine but I actually threw out lots of baby stuff!  All I can say is "How'd that get in there?"  Hehe...  

The Unorganized Cabinet 

The Organized Cabinet

Today's challenge, Day 14, was {the bathroom sink}.  I had recently organized our bathroom sink cabinets so... I had an easy day!  All I had to do was make sure everything still looked good and believe it or not, IT DID.   

Day 15, here I come!  
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