Monday, December 27, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday on Monday!

Better late than never right?  

I SO wanted to participate in this scavenger hunt but... I forgot to look through the prompts last week which resulted in me not taking some of the pictures that I probably would have taken if I had looked at those prompts!  Whew... that was a mouth full... and a huge run-on sentence.  :) 

Oh well, such is the life with 4 kiddos and the holidays!  But... I wouldn't trade my crazy hectic life for anything...

So... here they are!  Wish I had more to share.  Next week for sure!

1 and 2.Sparkling Family

This sweet little ornament {that the hubby picked up} was peakin' at me from our tree on Christmas morning.  Awwww...  It's definately our family minus the blue eyes!  Hah...  
Those blue eyes just make it extra special to me.   it... him! 


Ahhh... our family room tree.  Such a good ol' tree.  He stands tall and proud year after year and never lets us down.  I was so... going for the Pottery Barn catalog look and all with this shoot, but I  just don't think he or my shot is there yet.  Oh well... maybe one day! 

4.Motion Blur

Guess what?  Peek-a-Boo was laying in a chair, playing her favorite game "Peek-a-Boo while I tried desparatly to take a picture of her in her new Tangled dress up dress.  It really is a cute dress minus the blur...

5.Pretty Package 

Here's one of the last ones laying around...  Pretty packages are a great way to make the someone feel extra special!  Lots of smiles ♡  
Scavenger Hunt Sunday
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


Ashley said...

Great pictures! I love them all. Hope you had a great weekend!

Ashley Sisk said...

Every one of these is so pretty - looks like you had a lovely Christmas!

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

beautiful photos!! i love your pretty package shot the best! so dreamy!

Jeska said...

Love your photos! The pretty package is my fav!

Dorothy said...

Great pictures, all, but the Motion Blur is just precious!

Jody said...

I really love your pics. Thanks for stopping by!


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