Friday, December 17, 2010

Play-Doh Snowmobile

Well, the kiddos are out of school again today {2nd day}.  I get SO... excited for them when school gets cancelled!  Just hearing those words come out of the news anchors mouth, "______ County Schools CLOSED tomorrow" is ♫ to my ears.  Those words bring back so... many warm and cozy memories from my {much} younger years.  I remember all the fun stuff I got to do like playing in the snow, making cookies/hot cocoa and playing board games with my mom.  Those were the good ol' days!   

So needless to say, we've been enjoying together time even if I'm not 100% due to my oral surgery.  We've been playing board games, crafting and playing in the "tiny" bit of snow we actually have.  Maybe I'll throw some baking in today or tomorrow, but only if I'm able to share in the fun of eating what I make!  It's just no fun to bake yummy Christmas treats and not be able to enjoy them.  Hehe....  

PD 1
Here's a Phone Photo of Jax and Ethan's Play-Doh Snowmobile that they made for the snow!  Aren't they creative?  I'm sure it'll take their play-doh "snowmobile" man anywhere he wants to go!  He's a funny lookin' little tan man...  

PD Man
Happy, Happy Friday to you all!  

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