Sunday, December 19, 2010

Color Splash Sunday

We were walkin' down Mainstreet USA in a sea of beautiful Disney balloons... Peek-a-Boo couldn't take her eyes off of them!  This pink Mickey Glasshouse balloon was her favorite.
These balloons aren't the cheapest, but I'll have to say they stay inflated forever which is awesome! 


Sweepy said...

Woof, that sounds like FUN! I should get one for my drooly self!

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Elizabeth Lyng said...

Oh, my daughter would so love that princess balloon :)

Unknown said...

Ohmigosh, I love those balloons! I'll have to take pictures of them when I go to Disney in January. Thanks for the inspiration!

I know this is your first time linking up with CSS. Thanks for joining us, and I'll hope you link up again! We are taking a break this Sunday, due to the holidays, but we'll be back up again on January 2.


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