Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What? It's A Flashlight Candy Hunt!

We had another wonderful weekend together... roasting marshmallows, climbing up and strolling down scenic mountain streets, meeting some terrific people, swimming in the pool and participating in our first ever flashlight candy hunt!  My boys love flashlights and all of my kiddos love candy so, this event was super exciting for everyone.  
Here's how it all played out... kiddos grabbed a flashlight, jumped up and down all the way to the park, stood in line for a few and waited for the word "GO".Then on came the flashlights and the little legs begn walking and the hungry eyes started searching for candy.
All those flashlights coming on together at one time in one area looked like a light show of some sort!  It was too cute and so much fun.  I've never seen this type of hunt before, but I think it would be really fun to do around Halloween.  You think?  Maybe...  
So Monday came and brought an end to our days filled with excitement and adventure and our oh so relaxing and somewhat surprising nights, but Tuesday's here now which puts us  2 days closer to the weekend!  
Happy Tuesday to you. 
Look what showed up with the flash of my camera!  
   Marshmallow dust on a marshmallow stuffin' little girl.    


Julie said...

What a great idea. My kids would love that. I'm definitely going to try that some night!!

Love the marshmallow dusted face. Perfect

Meghan said...

Just stopping by to say I'm your newest follower and I love your blog! I hope we can keep in touch!

Let me know if you're ever interested in having a giveaway on my blog or a review. I also offer up advertising spots.



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