Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Garden Is Born & "Mr. Man" Stands

Well it’s done!  We did it... and we’re {so} excited about our “little” garden!  Yes, I know it’s small but it’s perfect in our eyes.  It’s a great start and  I’m hoping we’ll be able to get a few meals out of it!  Hah...  I’ve got some tasty recipes all lined up, so I hope our “little” veggies get to growing.  I’m sure they’ll have no problem at all with the help of “MrMan” watching over them day and night!
A little about “Mr. Man”... (Ella’s “wordy” for scarecrow) he’s a short fellow, and he doesn’t look much like a man, but he fits perfectly in our family.  The kids said we needed a protector for our garden so... we created “MrMan”.  The best part is he’s 100% recycled!  We didn’t have to buy a thing.  Love it!
The creation of “MrMan”...
Two sticks and copper (old wires) to hold him together.
"Old" pink yarn suspenders!
Dried pampas grass feet... Ooh!
and... pampas grass hands...
Zip Tie helps support his "noodle". Hah...
Happy face:) pillow case, felt eyes, button nose & yarn mouth (:
and... MrMan stands!
  • No hay for stuffing?  Use old newspapers or magazine pages!  Crumple them up & put  them in a plastic grocery bag.  This will help keep “MrMan's" insides intact and nice and dry.  Hehe...
  • Use zip ties to secure MrManto his {post}!
  • Sew the two corners of MrMan's" pillow head together to make a loop for the zip tie.  
Plant garden + create “MrMan” = {loads} of family fun! 


Tawny said...

That is so cute! The kids are going to LOVE the memories of that! You captured it perfectly too! Love it! Cant' wait to see the produce!

Amanda Dement said...

Awww super cute "Mr.Man"...I need me a lil scarecrow now! :-)

Mollye said...

Hi Jenn, Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Your scarecrow is awesome and he will surely do his job well I think. You will be so surprised at how much you can grow in a small space. There is nothing quite like a garden. And each year you will have one a little bigger than the one before. Happy week! Mollye

Unknown said...

Mr. Man is adorable! Yes frost can you believe it? It was in the 80's two weeks ago. I'm getting tired of uncovering everything in the morning and covering it back up at night...send that warmer weather right to us :)

Julie said...

Oh Mr. Man is so handsome. He may attract the birds and wildlife!! he he.

Pearl Girl said...

THanks for your comment on my blog. I am actually working on a tutorial for the Appliqued skirt. So check back in a few days.
Becky @

Alyssa said...

I love that y'all have a scarecrow too! That is adorable. I wouldn't have thought of doing that, although my annoying dogs would likely bark at it as if it was a real person! Cute idea!


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