Sunday, January 17, 2010

Red Robin & The Unforgettable Dessert

My husband's parents came to visit today so... we decided to head over to Red Robin for lunch. I'm not a {HUGE} fan of Red Robin mainly because I don't eat a "ton" of burgers and well... Red Robin is known for their gourmet burgers. :) I do enjoy a couple of their less "meaty" dishes and I'm always up for a good dessert every now and again.

The kids were having such a {GREAT} time eating with the family and {BEHAVING} that I decided we'd try some dessert! Actually it was raining cats and dogs outside so I was also trying to buy us a little more time inside. :) The kids wanted mini sundaes and Brent and I decided we'd order the Mountain High Mudd Pie! It sounded yummy.... and when it arrived it was {UNFORGETTABLY HUGE}! See below....

Our piece of "pie" was at least {10"} tall if not more! It was standing proud in a pool of chocolate fudge and caramel sauce topped beautifully with fluffy whipped cream and a bright Red Robin cherry! It was {SO} big that we couldn't even finish it or take it with us because it was made of mostly ice cream so... our kiddos {HAD} to help us out. I'd say they hit the jackpot today!

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{For your birthday of course.}

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