Monday, September 21, 2009

A Thoughtful Day

Wow... Today has been one of those days! You know, a Monday, full of surprises, anxiety and well... happieness of course. For some reason the onset of the crisp/brisk fall air and beautiful Carolina blue sky make me long to spend extra time with the ones I love. :) As each day begins, I find myself thinking of ways to spend time with my husband and four adorable children. I have to admit, I have a tone of wonderful ideas I just need to organize them someway. I'm working on that one!

With the holidays coming up, Stampin' and Craftin' are heavy on my mind, but so is baking... Hummm, I wonder what that's all about? Could it be that all three of the above provide much needed relaxation for me? I'm thinking that's IT! So... my plan is to start Stampin', Craftin', Bakin' and Writin' more about all of these beautiful and fun things that I so love. Maybe sharing my creations with others will also bring them peace, love and joy...

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